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Our Mission

All are welcome at Conway Centenary United Methodist! At CCU Methodist Church we strive to bring God's word to Conway, SC and throughout the world. 

Our ministry features special attention to the hurting of Conway through our Heroin Additiction (HA) 12-step program, every Wednesday at 8pm.

Our college student outreach program titled Teal Tuesday and Teal Thursday focuses on bringing God and his word to the students of Coastal Carolina University, or any college student in the area commuting to surrounding colleges.

The CCU Dream Center provides a location for special events, church or non-church related.

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Dennis Jay Devorick

Rev. Dennis Jay Devorick has been faithfully serving the congreation of Centenary United Methodist Church for several years.

Dennis is Married to Kursumu Devorick and has 1 daughter Holly Devorick and 1 grandchild Lydia.

He has completed his education at the following Universities:  BS at the University of Pittsburgh, MS at Duquesne University, Superintendent at Westminster College and Methodist Theological School in Delaware Ohio.

Prior to serving Centenary he pastored churches in the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church for 21 years. He has been a missionary to Brazil, Zimbabwe, Kenya. He has gone to South Sudan and Uganda Along with Sam Childers the MGP. He is also an Elementary School Principal.

Dare to Dream God Size Dreams - To Build a Dream Center in Conway - A New School in South Sudan - A Well in Kenya - Focus on Nurture - Outreach= Witness !

 His mission is to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.