Form to Request Dream Center Use

Conway Centenary United Methodist Church 1527 Hwy 544, Conway, SC 29526 Building Use Policy & Rental Agreement Building Use Process 1. The purpose of use including any event content must not be in conflict with Conway Centenary United Methodist Church (hereafter CCUMC) mission and core values. 2. Rental of the CCUMC facility will be limited to approved facility areas. 3. Rental request and approval: -Complete this form in its entirety to start the process and submit to a church leader below: -Bill Stewart, Administrative Council Chair -Bob Elwood, Church Lay Leader -Dennis Devorick, Pastor -Frank Hart, Trustee Chair -A CCUMC leader will contact you to inform you of rental availability. -A $50.00 reservation deposit will be required to secure the building for your event. In the event of a cancellation, a full refund of the deposit will be paid only if cancelled 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date. After that, the deposit is forfeited. -Final payment of the building use fee is due the day of the event: (see fee schedule) Building Use Policy 1. The tenant is responsible to make sure that the rented area is left in the same state as it was found upon arrival. Any items brought in must be removed to include trash on event day by the end time approved. 2. Decorations are to be secured with command strips so no damage to walls (i.e. no tacks/nails/push pins) 3. Reassignment or sublet to any other tenant is strictly prohibited. 4. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed in the building or on the premises. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the buildings and is allowed only in designated areas outside of the buildings.(A copy of your liability insurance may be requested) 5. Kitchen use is restricted to approved events. Supplies and washed dishes are to be put away and counters/tables to be wiped and floor swept. 6. No church equipment or property may be removed from the building. 7. All local and state fire and safety regulations will be followed. Fire extinguishers are labeled. 8. Tenant is responsible for supervision of minors in attendance at all times. 9. CCUMC assumes no responsibility for the use of the building and facilities by the tenant and has no liability to the user for such use, and further the user agrees to indemnify and hold CCUMC harmless from all third party claims, liability or damages arising out of such. 10. CCUMC reserves the right to cancel or change this agreement at any time due to extenuating circumstances. Rental Fee Schedule *Donations or tithes are encouraged to cover building use expense. Pastor and Trustee Chair have final authority. Members/Attendees Church/Non Profit Non Church Group Rental Fee $0 $0 $100.00_________ Reservation Deposit $50.00 (if kitchen used) $50.00 (if kitchen used) $50.00 (if kitchen used or not) *Reservation Deposits are refundable if cleaning inspection is approved and all trash removed at close of event Signed by Person Responsible for the use of the building and agrees to the above: Signature: _______________________________________________________Date:____________________ Printed Name: __________________________________________________ Organization Name (if applicable): _____________________________________________________________ Organization Address: __________________________________________________________________________ Renters’ email and phone number: _____________________________________________________________ Event name or purpose: ________________________________________________________________________ Date of Event: ________________________________________________From: ____ AM/PM to____ AM/PM Approved By: ___________________________________________________ Date: ______________________ Original form date: March 11, 2018